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what we do




       We wanted to share some of the behind the scenes things that we do here at Marcus Grill. We are a family owned and operated business which means that at any given time, you will be greeted by our parents, aunts, uncles and cousins. Preparing and cooking sometimes starts as early as 4am, where the homemade dumplings for our chicken soup and filling for our pierogis are made from scratch. The stuffed cabbage is hand rolled, the batch of lasagna is made fresh and the chicken spinach pie is made delicately with each layer of filo. The city chicken is skewered by hand and the potato pancakes are gently flavored with just as hint of onion.A great deal of our staff has been with the family since we opened Marcus Grill. We feature not only authentic Polish items but our Mexican omelets and soups come straight from our well rounded kitchen staff that brought their own creativity to the Marcus Grill menu. Sometimes after hours, we like to call it our "Food Lab" where we experiment with dishes and try to add new surprises for our guests.







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